What Are You, Nuts or Something?

In December 2016, the National Film Registry (or NFR as it’s known to fans) added 25 films to its list of “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films”. This brought the total number of films since its inaugural selection in 1989 to 700. Shortly thereafter, some guy named Tony (yours truly) looked at the list of 700 and figured he had already seen a lot of them and wanted to see more. So, in the midst of referring to himself in the third person, he set a goal for himself; to watch every film on the National Film Registry, or at least a whole lot of them.

“But why keep this to myself?”, he typed. “Why not put this on the internet where people can take pride in being the first to comment on something?” So one WordPress account later, he founded “The Horse’s Head”.

Okay, third person narrative over.

Welcome to The Horse’s Head! It’s real simple; I watch every movie on the National Film Registry and write a post about it. You read, comment, share, judge, whatever you want. It’s quite a daunting task ahead of me. I compare it to scaling Mt. Everest, except every December they add a few hundred feet to the top. I fully admit that I will probably never see every film, but the prospect of the attempt sounds like a lot of fun.

So please join me for the ride. Or don’t. I ain’t your boss.

Happy Viewing,



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