The Horse’s Head Celebrates Four Years!

Today is the fourth anniversary of The Horse’s Head! It’s hard to believe that four years have gone by since I started this blog. Normally it feels like only yesterday, though thanks to the events of last year it feels much, much longer.

In years past, I would acknowledge this anniversary with a bonus post covering another movie or something related to the NFR, but this year I want to do something different. As some of you may know, I am not the only blogger out there trying to watch every movie on the NFR. There are at least two other blogs, and I want to give them a proper shout-out.

First off, The Film Patrol has been chronicling their viewing experience with these movies in “The NFR Project“. Film Patrol started their NFR Project in 2015, a year and a half before I did, and have added the bonus challenge of watching these films in as close to chronological order as possible. Godspeed, Film Patrol.

The second blog is relatively new: The NFR Completist started in June 2020, and gives not only a rundown of each film, but also where you can find them for your own viewing. The NFR Completist has also been very generous in sharing their resources with both me and The Film Patrol, which has been very helpful for those hard to find titles.

Please check out these two; both of them write from a genuine place of love and adoration for these movies, and the movies in general. In my correspondence with the NFR Completist, we noted how small this NFR fan community seems to be. How many more of you are out there? We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for supporting my blog for the last four years! It has been wonderful to hear from so many of you, including at least one of the filmmakers on the list! Here’s to a 2021 with good movies, and a better world.

Happy Viewing,


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