The Horse’s Head Fifth Anniversary!

In honor of the traditional fifth anniversary gift (wood), please enjoy this abomination of God.

Five years ago I had a dream: a dream to watch a bunch of movies and to write a blog about them. Back then I had no idea how far I’d make it, “but the prospect of the attempt sounds like a lot of fun”. Well, here we are, five years and almost 600 movies later, and I must admit it’s still a lot of fun.

As always, I want to give a shoutout to my fellow NFR binge-watchers: NFR Completist, The Film Patrol, Merry Watches Movies, and Registering the Registry. Bonus shoutout to Merry Watches Movies, who is simultaneously listening to every entry in the National Recording Registry at her second page Merry Merry Listens. I don’t know what prompted this, but godspeed Merry.

I also want to give mention to The National Film Registry Fan Site. Rather than watching and chronicling every film on the list, the NFRFS is a fanmade directory of all 825 movies, and where to view/purchase them online. A very valuable resource for anyone attempting this endeavor. Where were you five years ago?

And finally, thank you, dear reader. Thanks for checking in these last five years and indulging me in my never-ending movie marathon. And as always, let’s keep taking care of each other.

Happy viewing,


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