The Legacy of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”


This is a continuation of my write-up on “Snow White”. You should read that first.

Every film on this list has its legacy, but “Snow White” has such a massive ripple effect in film it warrants its own separate post.

Okay everyone: deep breath, and here we go…

  • Every animated feature film owes a debt of gratitude to “Snow White”. Every single one.
  • Walt used the profits from “Snow White” to build the Disney Studios in Burbank, which is still in use today.
  • “Snow White” was the first film to have merchandise and a soundtrack album available upon the film’s release. And a wary Disney never attempted this again.
  • No sequels, but the Dwarfs helped teach Canada about war bonds in 1941.
  • Disney re-released “Snow White” in 1944 to help raise lost revenue due to World War II. The success of this release led to Disney re-releasing their films in theaters (and eventually home video) every seven years or so.
  • Many, many parodies and allusions over the years. We’ll stick with “Gremlins” and “9 to 5” for now.
  • This is the film that inspired Jerry Wallach to become a film producer, as well as the name of his estate, Villa Caselotti.
  • Without “Snow White” there’s no “Wizard of Oz”.
  • This movie gives us the trope of animals helping any and all fairy tale characters.
  • As previously mentioned, every song in this film is a classic, and “Some Day My Prince Will Come” became a jazz standard.
  • This gif:
  • Where else have I seen that animation during “The Silly Song”? Hmmm…
  • A 1943 Merrie Melodies short spoofed this film, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I ain’t saying anything else.
  • The film is referenced throughout the Disney theme parks, including a dark ride, a roller coaster, and a serene wishing well.
  • I guess the Seven Dwarfs have a show on Disney XD?
  • Oh no. Ohhhh nooooo.
  • A stage version of the film played Radio City Music Hall in the late ‘70s. A recording of this production aired on the Disney Channel, and for whatever reason I watched this version more often growing up.
  • And keeping with Disney’s latest trends, it appears “Snow White” will go the live-action remake route. [Deep exhale]

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