July 2021 Poll: Birthday Grab Bag!

Thanks for your votes in June. The bonus July post will be…

Toy Story“! That should be a fun re-watch/ugly cry.

Now onto this month’s poll to determine the August bonus post. August happens to be my birthday month, so let’s do something fun; a movie I’ve covered that is either a personal favorite or one that I enjoyed discovering through the blog. And the nominees are…

Airplane!: Arguably the funniest remake of all time.

All That Jazz: It’s Fosse, it’s the Broadway scene of the ’70s, and it’s super morbid. What could be better?

The Middleton Family at the New York World’s Fair: Sure, it’s pure capitalist propaganda, but look at that robot smoking a cigarette! He thinks he’s people!

Peter Pan: No, not that one. …Or that one. ….No, you’re thinking of “Hook”. …Look, I’ll just tell you: it’s the 1924 silent version.

Happy voting and happy viewing,


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